Brno Del Zou

The work of Brno uses a variety of images to conform as a group into a large, abstract picture that can be viewed by the audience as an abstruse face, caused by a variety of perspectives. His use of installations also allows for a depth within the layers, causing them, when presented, to cast shadows which add to the dramatic effect of the piece, as well as obscuring photographs that Brno does not necessarily want to be the initial focus of the audience. This effect is empowered by his use of black and white, as the shadows almost blend in to the overall piece, and contrast well with the harsh spotlight that draws out the brightness within the piece.



This effect is very similar to what I am attempting to achieve, albeit more perplexing because of Brno’s use of excess features and perspectives, whereas I endeavour to create a vague realism in my installation. This will be achieved by creating an installation whereby the pieces are proportionately balanced, causing the overall image to be easily viewed as one. However, my variety of subjects will create a diversity within the installation, offering a hint of complexion to the image.


Brno Del Zou Influenced Experiment


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