Seventy – Proposal

For the ‘Seventy’ project, I have been asked to create a commemorative triptych celebrating the history of Harlow. A minimum of three photographs (or three visual effects) must be used to achieve this result, and at least one individual must be facing the camera in the final outcome.

My own outcome is going to be heavily based on my own history within the town, and places of interest to myself growing up. With this in mind, I will also be using this project as an opportunity to further explore self portraiture, using my own presence as the individual facing the camera in at least one of my shots. I would like to explore concepts including education and recreation.

  • Education: Little Parndon Primary, Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow College
  • Recreation: Harlow Town Park, Bandstand, Redwings Ada Cole

As an alternative form, I will be creating my triptych manually, printing my outcomes and cutting them before presenting them and photographing them upon a relative backdrop. This photograph will become my final piece.