Peer Assessment – Progress of FMP

anette messager

My final project is based on the creation of a series of installations, whereby a collection of images are used to form an overall picture for the audience.

I have conducted research in preparation for the manufacture of the installations, regarding the use of thread in Lorena Cosba’s work. Whilst she uses it within her photographs, the artistic effect can tie in well with my own use for the material, and give an impression towards the impact it should have on my piece.

I have also conducted an online survey, collecting data preparing myself for working with a variety of animal behaviours. The collected data is also available broken down into individual responses over the period of the questionnaire, offering direct insight toward individual animals.

My previous photography within this field has offered some strong results, therefore I am confident that I can use these skills in order to capture a wide range of images that can be effectively presented within an installation piece.

Furthermore, I have arranged a trip to the New Forest in order to shoot a large portion of my photographs for this project, as well as having communications with private owners of pets and horses that may be willing to have their animals photographed.