Weekly Review : 01/05/17-07/05/17


I launched a survey using surveymonkey.com, asking my audience questions related to pet behavior and the ways in which they, as owners, manipulate the actions of their pets in positive ways. This survey was shared via my social media channels, providing an insight into a wide variety of training techniques. Whilst most suggested food was a positive reinforcement technique that they used with their pets, several suggested simple commands and/or toys. It also became apparent that a home shoot is better suited to cats, whereas dogs are typically much more adaptable and may feel more comfortable within the studio setting. However, due to the selection of variables within my data collection, I will be carefully selecting where to photograph individual animals based on their unique traits, as gauged when discussing a shoot with their owner.


I spent the morning phoning several potential clients, including members of my family and social groups. However, unfortunately the availability of both themselves and I do not correlate, as well as a lack of studio availability. Therefore, I have decided to post publicly using Facebook as a host for my advert. This allows a wide range of people within Harlow and it’s surrounding areas to consider myself for a pet portraiture shoot.

Additionally, I have begun producing a website using the popular host site, Wix. While the developments I have made on the base of my website is positive, I have concluded that I would like to develop the aesthetic further.


Today I created a technical research piece, focusing on the use of thread within the work of photographer Lorena Cosba. This research has indicated that the use of brightly coloured thread has a positive impact towards a piece rather than detracting from the attention of the installation. Therefore, I have decided that a coloured thread will be used to suspend my final outcomes within the installation rather than fishing wire or an alternative substance.